You need reliable backups for your site. Let us setup a backup schedule that protects your data on the server and at a remote storage location.

Malware Scans

Making sure that your site is free from Malware is critical to any security plan. We will scan your site and make recommendations on how we can help if any malicious code is found.


The software that runs your WordPress site needs to be kept up to date as new releases for security and features are made available. WPBalance can update the WordPress core, themes and plugins.

Site Audits

WPBalance can audit your site regularly to determine if there are problems that might slow the site down, make SEO recommendations, and look for site errors.

Quick Tasks

Need to add a new team member to your site? Update a picture?
Add a new product description? The WP Balance team can often tackle those quick tasks within 24 hours.

Site Monitoring

WP Balance will monitor your site so we will know quickly if your site goes offline for some reason. We will notify you and recommend a course of action to restore your site.